Autoresponder Services (ESPS)

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5 thoughts on “Autoresponder Services (ESPS)

  1. Russ Emrick

    Do you have an autoresponder suggestion? The options are almost overwhelming – from inexpensive aWeber to hefty Infusionsoft. What would you suggest for those of us starting out? Many thanks…Russ

      1. Brett

        Hi Jason,

        I’ve been a member up here for quite some time… I’ve been using other PHP mail list senders and running my own email server quite a while.

        Just last week I purchased arpReach, and I see your name posting there in the comments, it looks like you tried it out, found limitations and moved on – were there some issues that never got resolved there? Which service did you use to replace them? I’m trying to decide if I should just ask for a refund, or expect them to actually make some changes that they say they’re going to make in the code over at arpReach (such as a real API, and setup of FBLs), etc…


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