Breakthrough Email Marketing Confirmation

How to Optimize The Way People
Think About Your Emails and Landing Pages

You’re confirmed for the webinar with myself and Adam Lapp of MarketingExperiments

Please review the video below (if you haven’t already) to make sure you receive my emails in your , and please follow the same directions to make sure you receive the webinar emails from GotoWebinar.

Their email is

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Have Questions About the Process of Guiding Your Prospects from Your Email to Your Landing Page to The Order Form?

Ask As Many Questions as you want…RIGHT NOW. Just ask one at a time

You can also submit your email and landing page for critique. Just send a test email from your autoresponder service to

Adam and I also need to know about your list. Where did they come from? What are their darkest fears? What did they buy? Tell me everything you know about them, or your chances of being selected are slim to none

This is a huge opportunity. Now go check your email for the Webinar Confirmation!