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131 thoughts on “Member Dashboard

  1. Bryan Aucremanne

    My 1st introduction to personalized emails had me fooled! I actually thought they were writing exclusively to me!!! I wanted to learn how to do that so I did my due diligence by scouting out the legends(Bond Halbert,John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace,et al). It always came down to Big Jason as their recommendation…Why tempt fate and anger the GODS…?

  2. Jordan Berkhiem

    There was clearly so much value packed into this program I just couldn’t pass it up. My biggest client brought me on at a time their delivery was dropping drastically and it became my job to learn what the issue was and how we could bring it back up.

    After successfully doing so and witnessing the extraordinary benefits, I became extremely interested in deliverability. So the timing of discovering this program was perfect and I knew that I had to get it right away.

    P.S. I’m also a huge fan of ActiveCampaign, so it has been pretty cool to see a couple of webinars all about AC. Have you heard of ActiveMember360 membership plugin?

    I’ve just started creating a new membership site and we are protecting the content with AM360. It integrates so well with ActiveCampaign.

  3. Christopher Dobie

    I picked up ERW because I’m positioning myself as an email marketing strategist and consultant. If John Carlton and Bond Halbert say Jason’s the guy, well then, I believe Jason’s the guy.

  4. Michael Daum

    I got ERW because i really want to dive into the art and science of email Marketing. Read some of Jasons stuff and was on the Point certain that he has more than “some” to teach… πŸ™‚ Looking forward to jumping in!

  5. Linda Brokopp

    I wanted to learn how to write effective emails so that I can help other businesses and grow my own business simultaneously. I believe that you are one of the best and so this is why I purchased ERW!

  6. Zatonia Powe

    The Sales Letter sold me but the Ben Settle recommendation sealed the deal…I’m a newbie to email marketing and I want to learn from the best…and I heard you were the one of the best. Looking forward to learning from you.

  7. Geoff Neupert

    What LarryW said… And I figured just by implementing one of your tips I should easily be able to make my investment back in my first 1 or 2 emails.

  8. Doc Newell

    I have long been a writer by nature, but I want to learn how to present my accumulated knowledge with more influence. I like Jason’s style and feel that this ‘package’ will move me forward better than any other.

  9. ted sikkink

    because it was recommended by bond halbert on the Internet marketing super friends fb page and I need to improve my commercial email performance

  10. Daniel Sanchez

    The reason i bought…truthfully?

    That WSO sales letter kicked me where the sun don’t shine.

    I’ve rarely seen legends in the copywriting world speak so highly of anyone…

    And then there were the emails Jason sent me (my review in the WF will elaborate on this)

    Long story short: Big Jason (not Jay…you’ll have to ask him why) sent me some of the most sincere and cool emails I have ever received. And his support was unreal. He went just short of climbing Mount Everest to help me out with an issue I was having.

    I’ve only seen one copywriter who had email marketing chops as good as Jason. Only one…and they’re neck and neck. (Jason – email me and I’ll share with you who it is…and no, it’s not me)

    Anyways, takes a darn heck of a lot to impress me. And Jason did so well I’m thinking of naming my first born after him (Jason, not Jay)

    This is why I purchased the” whole meal deal” from you Jason. There’s no doubt in my mind this course rocks.

    Jason – thank you for putting this together, climbing Mount E for me and being an upstanding classy bunny breeder. Thou rockest.

    Peace out,

    Daniel Sanchez.

  11. Waldo de Groot

    Hi Jason,

    Your reputation precedes you.

    I am new to IM. I figure if I am going to do this, I am doing it right. Learning from the best is part of laying the right foundation.That is why I signed up.

    I look forward to being your student πŸ™‚

  12. Clint G.

    Brand new to email marketing, this is going to be my introduction crash course! I’m looking forward to learning from you Big Jason, thank you!

  13. Ro Richards

    The list is the lifeblood of my business. The more I can increase my opens and click throughs, the more money I can make. So I want to know what you know, and I am excited to increase my skillset.

  14. Lee Chong

    The money is in the follow up right? So I want to inject some super quality content into my emails and I am here to learn some ninja techniques from you Big Jason.

  15. Anfernee Chansamooth

    Alright, couldn’t resist. I’m gold baby! Particularly interested in the copy writing content and I want to be an email pro like Big J.

  16. Jamie Spear

    Hi Jason,

    I took the plunge and splurged the $97 as it was pretty much a no brainer because of your experience and social proof to back it up. I have been generating leads in the IM/MMO niche for the last couple months and email marketing is my main source of getting leads. I have been partnering and mentored by Jamison Palmer who is a big earner and has a great track record of huge success like yourself, so with this course I aim to smash it this year and get my earnings up to 5 figures per month increasing…!


    Jamie Spear

  17. Michael Caruana

    Hi Jason,

    I purchased because I met you personally through Bond Halbert (Yes, the son of the legendary Gary) and in front of a small group of people, in less than 2 hours, you gave away some information and pointed me in the right direction to resources that have improved my deliverabilty by a mere 500% in a week. Can’t wait to see what’s changed in the last two years and what you have here.

  18. Bruce Carse

    Hi Jason, Your reputation precedes you! Email is still the backbone of internet marketing and any wisdom available to do it better is a must acquire.


  19. Darryl Hudson

    I found you threw Peter Garaty, then read your thread on the WF. I do understand the importance of email marketing it’s vital to any business it helps you build the relationship that’s need to grow your own business with that said I’m looking forward to what you have to offer in this course.

  20. Kwasi Joseph

    This is my first warrior wso. I’m working on getting my first offline clients. So far the content has been great resource for me. I look forward to the rest of your modules and webinars. Thanks Jason!

  21. Toby Couchman

    Hey Jason,

    I purchased because your course seems to offer what a lot of others don’t. Being new to email marketing and list building I need all the help I can get to get the most out of my efforts.

    Looking forward to diving into the content.


  22. Karon Gehman

    I truly believe in writing to connect, there is a 3 second time frame to form a desired connection.
    I want to learn to write better and kick ass.

  23. Bruce Eichelberger

    Hi Jason,

    I bought because I am getting ready for a big rollout. I was considering a ‘competing’ autoresponder training product just this morning when I got notification of your course.

    I haven’t seen anyone promise to show the nuts and bolts of metrics, testing and tracking. If you can deliver that, it is worth 10 times what I paid to be here.

    Looking forward to what you have to share.

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey dr. bruce. glad to have you. I’ll be updating what I have next week with a lot more. Enjoy

      thanks for the comments

  24. Ken Kopp


    I invested in you and your course because you seem to be real and passionate about what you do. I believe you have some valuable information to offer that will enhance my business.

    I’m looking forward to the wealth of information you have to share about email marketing. πŸ™‚

  25. Rich Crooke

    After seeing your experience, I purchased to help me get motivated in creating auto responders for my list. I don’t email my list much do to my lack of confidence in creating autoresponders.

  26. Desmond Egan

    Big Jason
    I purchased because I come from a direct response background (direct responses advertising, direct mail, telemarketing etc.) where list management, segmentation, personalization and tracking are like breathing. I’ve been looking for a way to transfer that practice into online marketing as I move into this field. It seems to me to be a gaping hole in the on-line marketing mind-set. You are the first I’ve seen to add the science to the art of marketing.

  27. Lester Lim

    Hey Jason

    Have not been a good email marketer myself and of course decided right away to take up the chance to learn from one of the industry leaders (yourself) when I saw this product’s availability. Look forward to digging into the product.


  28. David G

    Hey Jason

    I purchased because there was tons of social proof around it, because I know you and your passion for email and email marketing, and because I don’t yet have an autoresponder series set up for Internet marketing party TM and because I’m a geek for these kinds of things but mostly because I wanted to support you πŸ™‚

  29. Ricky Britton

    Hey Jason

    I purchased this course on the strength of your sales letter as I only want to learn from best email marketers.

    I had previously purchased another email marketing course and your name was mentioned as being an expert in email marketing (your reputation precedes you) but I had never heard of you before. A quick search on the WF confirmed what others had said about you. After reading your salespage and seeing the content you would be providing I had no hesitation in getting this course.

    I’ve already gained some new knowledge about email marketing which I cannot wait to implement and I’ve only watched one video and read one report!

    Great stuff bro – I can see you truly do know what you’re talking about!


    ~ Ricky

  30. philip d

    Hi Jason – reason for buying? I’ve been ignoring what appears to be the time-tested advice you see in any IM course: “the money’s in the list..” – why? Had a bunch of other stuff to learn first, getting a few sites up, which I have done, etc. and then when I looked at it, it seemed complicated and techy – yes, you guessed it, I’ve been procrastinating. So here I am, ready to start..

    ..but first a question: I’m not going to be able to start on the initial stages for several weeks (another commitment already underway) – so will I be missing anything in that time? And if so, will all info still be available to catch up?

  31. Bren Stimpson

    Hi Jason, I ordered your program because I want to build a large list and more importantly a lifelong relationship with my list. I want to learn from the best and when you hang in the circles of people like John Carleton, I know you are one of the best. I recently joined a very unique Network Marketing Group that is the premier leader in the “Work from home Niche” Empower Network having paid out over 6.5 million in 100% commissions in their first 6 months of business. I know that if I can help as many people as I can to accomplish their goals first, I’ll accomplish my financial goals as well…exponentially. I appreciate the opportunity to work and learn from you. I am looking forward to to this learning experience.
    To great things ahead,
    Bren Stimpson

  32. Kevin Ashbridge

    Hi Jason,
    I purchased this course because, for me, email marketing is a big in known territory, which I know is something I MUST master. I’m so grateful you’ve put this course together. It’s an honor to be taught by someone with such a “BIG” reputation.
    — Kevin.

  33. Joe Stauffacher

    I bought your program Jason because tracking has been one of my biggest questions, and I’m looking forward to your NLP insights, and hearing the stories of your successes. Thanks for an incredible offer. Looking forward to this…

  34. Joe Martin

    Big Jason…I just posted a review for you in the WF you should get a kick out of…it’s a true story!

    The reason I purchased was to learn how to take my business to the next level by improving my email marketing from an obvious master of this area…

    Since I’ve done business with Mike Koenigs and several of the other marketers who were featured or made comments in the WSO, it was a no-brainer, no hesitation decision to spin the mouse wheel down to the buy button immediately to be one of the first 1000! Scarcity does works -:)

    The other reason I purchased was because I wanted to learn how to be a Master Bunny like Big Jason – LOL! Thanks for an awesome product MBJ!

  35. Jeremias Smith

    I purchase this course because I would love to kick my email marketing campaigns into high gear and hopefully, this will be as simple, easy to follow course and easy to implement….Thanks!

  36. George Kedourie

    Purchased because I usually listen to what Justin Wheeler has to say in his particular style, and because am just working on 4 different autoresponder series with clients on widely different topics…
    and because I liked the image of you with your daughter in your arms.
    My daughter is 20 now and still in my arms…

    Gotta tell you that our dog Valentine is totally fascinated by rabbits…

  37. Chris King

    I am excited. I signed up and purchased Email Response Warrior because I just finished a new e-book and am planning to send out an Email newsletter with tips and answers about the topic. Up until a year and a half ago, I sent out an Email newsletter once a week. I enjoyed writing it and the readers enjoyed receiving it – although the open rate wasn’t as large as I hoped for. Right now I am using the Autoresponder program, which I love.
    Chris King

  38. John Reed

    Hi Jason – I’m a sucker for Tall Stories – so obviously I bought in IMMEDIATELY!!!

    I’ve been paying Aweber monthly for 2 years now but am only just getting serious about having a proper list (or several) so I really need all the help I can afford from reliable and tested operators like your self.

    I’m determined to get stuck into this – I know I can write, but this is a different issue!

    I couldn’t afford the upgrade but I’ll be working hard at the main dish – Thank You (I do enjoy a good Rabbit Stew – haha).


  39. Robert Gough

    First impressions are often via email, so I want to be sure I am putting my best foot forward with each email. Even if not the ‘first’ impression, email is typically used for ongoing (image reinforcing) communication. Looking forward to being better and better with email.

  40. Chris Royer

    Hey Jason, we are off to a good start, I haven’t felt this good about a purchase in a long time, I feel I will learn something so I look forward to go through the content. Regards.

  41. Rhandell Mitchell

    I purchased this program because I have been struggling to get people to open my email for a long time. I think I might have lowest open rate in the history of email marketing so I’m excited to see what’s inside.

  42. James Woodfield

    Hi, Jason.
    Why did I purchase?
    I see pet theories and received wisdom bandied around everywhere.
    Evidence-based practice is the way to go as far as I’m concerned.
    Email marketing success boils down to opens and clicks.
    With rates like yours, you have my attention!

  43. Kathleen Keith

    Hey Jason, you had me with the rabbits (fond & lasting memories) and your sales letter! I upgrade to Gold because I figured you would deliver what I need so badly…all of which is beautifully encapsulated in your sales letter and offer. Looking forward to every new breakthrough!

  44. Sanjiv Gurram

    I bought your product because I now that anything you put out regarding email was absolutely worth its weight in gold!

    I had the pleasure of meeting you in Thailand at DC’s event in Pattaya, and you blew me with the knowledge and results you were getting with emails.

    I knew that buying this was going to be a great investment in my education that would pay for itself many times over!

    And I must say – You’ve over delivered again!

    Thanks a bunch Big Jason!

  45. Teddy Kasche

    I purchased Email Response Warrior because I believe that in order to become great at anything, one needs to learn from someone who has reached the level you aspire to get to. After reading all of the feedback, it seemed like the right investment. Thanks!

  46. Lavan Stevens

    I have a list of 200 people I have pre written email from other courses but no one is opening my follow up or broadcast but my list is growing and Im still paying for my autoreponser out of pocket Im tirer of hearing all these guru ‘s or marketer brag about how they send one email and make thousands it should be me too !

  47. Martha Mayo

    Hi Jason,

    Hmmmm, I purchased because Justin Wheeler reminded me!

    Flying to TN Justin to bring me a beer? I’ll trade you some moonshine – lol.

    Seriously, I purchased

    – Because I loved listening to you on TMN.

    – Because I really, really want to “do” email marketing in a quality and effective manner and I believe you’re the one to teach me how to accomplish that goal.

    Looking forward to the teaching, learning and interaction!


  48. Devin McMahan

    Hi Jason,
    I got this because you were in Brian McLeod’s product, you were involved with so many launches, and successes, and spoke at Carlton’s mastermind. You may be the 2nd best email writer (Frank Kern is the best according to an email-probably his), so I figure I’ll learn something!

    Anything I can do to move people in the direction I want after I send a message into the great unknown is one of the best investments I can make, if I want to make money sending messages, or get a date, or convince someone, or anything else!

    Aloha, Devin

  49. Don Roberts

    Hi Jason,

    Why did I purchase Email Response Warrior?

    β€œJust find out what successful people do and do the same things until you get the same results.” ~ Brian Tracy

    I bought Email Response Warrior (& Gold OTO) to improve my open rate and click-thrus. For autoresponders, I’m using “Instant Customer” (formerly known as “Monster Follow-up”) and “Mail Chimp”. The former came with Main Street Marketing Machines Fusion 2.0, and the latter was required for a special membership site package I bought. But, I’m open.

    By the way, one thing that really caught my attention is how you’re asking for feedback, suggestions, etc. Then, you’ll clarify, make a new video, etc. Where the norm in WSOs seems to be slower support response or “I don’t have time to answer everyone’s questions”, you taking the extra efforts to ensure that value is provided…is a Wow!

    Best, Don Roberts

    PS. How do I replace the avatar silhouette on these posts with my photo?

  50. David Doost

    Frankly I was scared to say no to a 6’11 guy who could not only squash me but also was using mesmerizing NLP ninja mind tricks in addition to all the hypnotic flames appearing in his presentations.
    I can’t be as tall but maybe I could learn a thing or two from Jason!
    Looking forward to the journey.

  51. Richard Ingalls

    I have just started email marketing and have one small list right now, but I want to grow it and build other lists. I must learn how to write quality copy to engage my list(s).

  52. Michael Christon

    Hey Jason,

    When you have the likes of Carlton and Rogers raving, you had me at “hello” πŸ™‚

    Really looking forward to reinvigorating the email marketing side of our business …so naturally for the whole enchilada and bought the gold edition too.

    All the best,


    PS – Is it me or are your videos a little quiet on the audio level?

  53. Tim Burt

    When my new membership site/video training series is released, the higher the number of email opens and responses is…the happier it’ll make me.

    The introductory price was a no-brainer.

    When someone drops a potential “secret weapon” in my email inbox, you have my attention.

    Can’t wait to learn what’s going to make my new course a massive hit.


  54. Britt Malka

    Hi Jason

    I’m sorry to say that I’ve never heard about you before, but I got a mail from Adil Amarsi promoting this webinar, and it sounded interesting.

    I started my first email list in 2003 (in Danish), and I’ve built a really good relationship with my Danish list members.

    It’s starting to go in the right direction now that I’ve switched to English speaking members, but I want to improve. And I hope this membership will help me to get better.

    I like the idea of giving points to the members, and I love the little bunnies. Cool idea!


  55. Dieter A

    Hi Jason,
    bought your course since I read about a lot of familiar names. Testimonials are golden nuggets aren’t they…
    Also I am looking forward to putting pieces together for my own biz, which is outside of internet marketing.


  56. Justin Wheeler

    I bought this so I can improve my email marketing sufficiently to be able to fly back to England and buy Quentin his beer.

    Seriously though when you get the chance to get content of this calibre from a Giant amongst email marketers for this price you would be crazy not to pull the trigger! πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to seeing my email marketing skills improve dramatically. Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. Brett Simpson


    I’ve been email marketing since 1997, I’ve tried many things in the past, and I’m recently trying to revive a list that is suffering from list fatique.

    Why did I buy? Because I’m looking forward to learning some fresh new methods. Love the format you have here. I’m off to watch videos.


  58. Anne Agar-Robertson

    I purchased Email Response Warrior because I really need to learn from an true expert and you definitely seem to fit the bill! Looking forward to gaining knowledge and confidence, which I’m sure I will, from you. If John Carlton was happy, I’m sure I can expect to be happy too.

    Thanks Big Jason, for the very generous offer. Very much appreciated by ‘Little Anne’!

  59. Chris Dittemore

    I grabbed Gold because I want more techniques on writing emails, templates, etc. I got the Front End offer because of your results and I am a believer in testing.

  60. Quentin Pain

    Hey Jason,

    My friend Justin Wheeler said he’d fly over to the UK and buy me a beer just for stopping by here.

    What a generous guy. Glad to be here with you all.

  61. Kevin Tester

    Hey Jason

    I purchased your course because (the price… are you kidding me?) I am trying to focus on my copywriting skills. This course will tie in perfectly.

    You have some strong testimonials from some of the big dogs and Carlton is a master. I think your course will be a great addition to my library. I actually have one of those, it has books and everything, and I reference it every day. I’m sure your course will become a resource I come back to on a regular basis. Thanks Jason.

    Kindest regards.


  62. Mike Robbins

    If the money is in the list (and it is) then you better know how to talk to your list. I have been confused by many a Guru on the perfect email “I could never write”.

    I have swiped and scraped and labored. You know the rest…..

    So now I am here by no mistake.

    Ready to go to the next level.

    I’m all ears!! (no bunny intended) πŸ™‚


  63. Andre Loibl

    Hey! πŸ˜‰


    Email is one of the main income creators for my online business.

    And Rob Jones endorsed you – so I purchased. πŸ˜‰



  64. KEY

    looking forward to what you are going to reveal – Matt Gill told me that I had to get this course … so of course I did πŸ˜€ (though he also told me to get a tattoo … this looks to be a lot more useful!)

    KEY eric

  65. Wayne Sharer

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for putting the course together. I’ve been doing emails for a couple of years, but I know I’m not a master.

    So I’m always looking for someone doing better than me, and you definitely meet that simple qualification by leaps and bounds. So I look forward to digging in and really stepping things up another notch or two or three in my business.

    Thanks again,

    Wayne Sharer

  66. Doug Macdonald

    I run a consulting business that heavily relies on e mail follow ups and contacts. I have about 6 email sequences to write and I need HELP!


  67. Katie Hurley

    I want to be successful in marketing a product that I have exclusive distribution rights for. I really need your help. I was referred by I motion video

  68. Malcolm

    Hi Jason,
    I purchased this course/membership for a number of reasons. First, because I know of, have huge respect for and have come into contact with all three of the pro’s you used for testimonials/social proof. I am a huge fan of Tony Flores, am a current member of Mike Koenigs’ Instant Customer Revolution and purchased John Carltons’ Simple Writing System a while back. So I figured you must know what you’re talking about with guys like them vouching for you.

    I’m also starting a freelance copywriting and marketing consultancy and am always on the lookout for quality professional development. Also seeing Jimmy Curley (one of John Carltons’ SWS mentors) saying some good things about you helped.

    I’m keen as mustard to delve into the course and see what you have for us here. Thanks again.

  69. Ken Hoofard


    I purchased ERW Gold to increase sales.

    I maintain a 260K list of business owners/decision makers that right now is yielding a very steady 5% – 6% open rate with a 0.10% CTR (yes, you read that right). It is segmented into 20 mailing groups and I send out 37K emails per day (no one gets more than 3 emails per month).

    I use Interspire Emailmarketer for an autoresponder and Mike Filsaimes Evergreen Business Systems as my presentation platform.

    I’m praying that I will glean a nugget or two or three that will energize this list. The open rates and CTR’s I see others enjoy is something I want as well.

    I look forward to learning from you.


  70. Noel Cunningham

    Hey Jason,

    I’ve been on the look out for something like this for a long time. I’m a big fan of email marketing but can’t pretend to know much about it πŸ™

    Anybody who was good enough for John Carlton is def good enough for me! Looking forward to getting started.

    – Noel.

  71. David Taylor

    Hi Jason,

    I bought the course because I realise that email marketing is a very valuable skill to have and I enjoy writing.

    I’m looking forward to participating in the course and learning all I can from you.

    All the best,


  72. Louis Shenker

    I have never had the skill to write a successful email series. It is hoped, with your help, a successful campaign will be hatched.
    Watch this space for further comments.
    Disclaimer, any failure to succeed is entirely my fault and not Jason’s

  73. Russ Banister

    Hey Jason,
    As a long-time email writer, I’m always looking for better opens, more clicks and higher conversions. I watched you battle in Joel Comm’s “Next Internet Millionaire” series a long time ago and know you’ve worked hard to get where you are.
    Hoping to learn something new to take my own businesses to the next level.
    Thanks buddy!

  74. LaTonya Johnson

    Hi Jason-

    I purchased your product because email marketing is my passion. I’ve just created a teaching manual called, “The List Building Bible,” that will be released as a WSO very soon, and I’m always in learning mode;-) You came highly recommended by David Eisner, so I figured I’d check you out.

    I’d definitely looking forward to this!

  75. Eleanore Duyndam

    Hi Jason, I bought this course because of the connection with John Carlton, the price, and I’ve heard your name mentioned a few times…but that’s about it. I’m looking forward to learning from you!

  76. Carl Picot

    Hi Jason

    I got this course as I spoke to you on the WSO mastermind event you did and you really gave some awesome content and info to us all. I am just putting together my first auto responder sequence so really need a person with the expertise such as yourself to give mt the heads up and the confidence to do it to the optimum level :o)

    I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in as the way you have designed this is awesome – with the interactive parts .. very well set out and designed for end user satisfaction!! :o)



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