Bionic Email Marketer

[bigcufon] Celeste Parins is the head of product email funnels for MindValley.

In total, these email funnels do over $1,000,000 per month!

MindValley brought me in to work with Celeste and her team, and I gave her bionic email implants

Celeste Parins is…The Bionic Email Marketer[/bigcufon]

Webinar Replay:

23 thoughts on “Bionic Email Marketer

  1. Bruce Eichelberger

    I’ve listened to about half of this audio so far. Can’t take notes fast enough… This is no doubt going to be one of those that gets listened to over and over. Huge…

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey bli. this is one webinar that will not be available for download. The others will probably be available for audio download.

  2. Jim Evans

    Thanks for the webinar tonight. Lots of great nuggets shared. I am sort of new to email marketing and wow’d by how much of a science it seems to be with metrics, psychology, special tools and optimization process. Looking forward to lots more!

  3. Steve Young

    I had never thought about email marketing so deeply until I attended Big Jason’s first live webinar. This is valuable and unique training and a huge eye opener for any marketer. Great stuff guys, you got me deep in thought.

  4. Esther Cobblah

    what about sending 52 weeks of email series educating businesses about marketing. Do you think they might get fed up about them in the long run.

  5. Dave

    1) Do you feel you have email success with a click through at the front end of an email because the email subject is good. Thoughts?

    2) Do you feel that if someone clicks at the end of an email that they actually read the whole email or just scrolled down to the bottom out of curiousity.

  6. Paulo Pereira

    Hey Jason, Thanks for putting together this webinar. It´s a bit late for me though,
    so hopefully you´ll be recording it and have it available soon.


  7. Ken

    My service is presented through a webinar and so what I am “selling” in effect is a webinar registration and my question is what kind of autorespender sequencing would you recommend? Because I already hit them 3 times a month, I am really using the autoresponder to do much other than let them know there is a replay link available in case they missed it the first time.

  8. Ken

    Celeste, what is the proper use of triggers? I only use them now to send an email out to those who have “ckicked through” to my registration page. That effort has yielded some good results but it is the only palce I use triggers so far. Your thoughts?

  9. Ken

    Celeste, thanks for making this effort. And Jason, thanks for setting it up. My question would be this. How many times a month should someone see an email from me asking them to look at my information? I currently hit my list 3 times a month.

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