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23 thoughts on “Metrics

  1. Malcolm

    Hi Jason! When you say to ask your autoresponder “Do you count a unique open when someone clicks on a link in the email and hasn’t registered an open yet?” What do you mean by that? I thought that once someone has clicked on your email and opened it, it would be counted. If it isn’t counted, is that because it was a text email? Sorry, a bit confused by this one.

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey malcolm. doesn’t matter if it is plain text or html. if the person doesn’t have images enabled, an open is registered. some autoresponder services will count a click as an open regardless if they turn on images. reason being because if they clicked on a link, they obviously “opened” the email and read it. hth

  2. Darryl Hudson

    I’m looking forward to the up coming video and handbook Big Jason as I’m wraping my mind around this valuable content your providing in this course.

  3. Bruce Eichelberger


    To clarify, are these correct?

    # Clicks (Unique) / # Opens (Unique) x 100
    # Unsubs / # Opens x 100
    # Complaints / # Opens x 100



  4. Anfernee Chansamooth

    “Do you report the number of unique clicks per email? (someone could click 10 times in the email lots of different links, or even 1 link multiple times do you report that as 1?)”

    Am I understanding this correctly?
    – if someone clicks 10 times on the same link in the one email, report should show 1 unique click
    – if someone clicks 10 different link in the one email, report should show 10 unique clicks

    Does anybody know if mailchimp, aweber, and getresponse already provide all the metrics discussed on this video?

  5. Don Roberts

    Measuring unique clicks per email makes a lot of sense.

    Also, I’ve wondered about the opens vs. clicks metrics, as I often open someone’s email in Gmail and click a product/service link – without ever clicking the “Display images below” link in the email header area. So, it doesn’t register an open, but I’ve clicked the product/service link.

  6. Carl Picot

    Hi Jason

    Why do you recommend the last warrior standing product ? I’m sure I remember this being a WSO at one time…

    Can you say what insights we will gain by getting the product??



  7. Carl Picot

    Hi Jason

    I’m leaving comments here as there’s no comments box in the Tracking section.

    It seems from what you are showing us that you can track any link that you put out there … but would it be possible to personalise every PDF so you know which person has shared by putting an i.d. on it??

    A vid walkthrough of the Google Analytics URL builder would be brill thanks :o)

  8. Gary Riding

    Wow, I really have just scratched the surface of what I should be looking at with my existing campaigns. Up until now, I have simply taken the Aweber stats as as accurate view of my CTR. Time to delve a little deeper!

  9. Britt Malka

    Hi Jason

    You wanted us to comment below the Tracking video, but there was no commend field 😉 I’m sure your angry bunny must have showed up at your place 😉

    Comments to Tracking:

    – The link on page 8 to Google help is old – I think the new one is:

    – About using HTML/txt – For many years, I used only txt, because I was old-school, and HTML was for web pages and txt for mails. Then I changed my mind a bit and started to send out HTML mails through my auto-responder. Then I read that this could actually be a bad thing, since many people read emails on other devices than a computer. So I switched back to txt.

    In your opinion – does this matter? Is it better to choose HTML for tracking reasons?

    – I think the tracking thing with Google analytics sounds complicated. But I hope I can take it one step at a time without panicking … I’ve started 🙂 I’ve changed my site to be an eCommerce. Now to figure out how it will work with the eStore plugin I use.

    Loved the tiger picture on the last page of that report 🙂

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey britt. just make sure you use a plain text alternative. whoever told you that is incorrect.

      thanks about the tiger pic 😉

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