Week 1 – Strategy Part 1

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2 thoughts on “Week 1 – Strategy Part 1

  1. Louise Beattie

    Thanks for this, found it really helpful. I like that there wasn’t fluff and that I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the steps to take from this lesson. It’s just me and it often feels like trying to spin a dozen plates at a time and a rather long, ever growing to do list.

    I just have two key programs that I sell, but will be introducing others and I feel that if I can get things like this set up from the start and automate as much as possible then it’s going to make a big differene and help me scale from the start.

    My business is quite small at the moment I don’t have a big volume, it’s really just getting started.

    You mentioned replying to the email re the swipe bonus, I had forgotten about that from the sales page, I had trouble getting all your emails through – so not sure what email I’m meant to reply to re the bonus, can you help me out on that?

    Thanks and looking forward to the next training.

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