Greatest Email You Have Never Written

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32 thoughts on “Greatest Email You Have Never Written

  1. Andrew Devore

    Could you please demonstrate split tests with both Google Analytics and Get Clicky. I just subscribed to the latter. Thanks. Great course so far.

  2. Britt Malka

    Could you make this available for download, please? I’m on a real stinky Internet connection at least until sometimes in October, and watching online videos are next to impossible.

  3. Bruce Eichelberger

    Here’s my vote for a split-test video. I have never used Google Optimizer, so won’t have anything to un-learn. But starting today I’m tracking everything…

    Just finished a newsletter for next week in which every single link and image is tracked. It would be great to figure out how to get the most from all of this information.

  4. Sanjiv Gurram

    Hey Big Rabbit,

    You’ve talked about making sure your first email is stellar!

    What about an email sequence?

    Do you have any tips for creating a great email sequence post purchase?

    Thanks, Sanjiv

  5. Wayne Sharer

    Two amazing things

    I used your picture optimizing techniques in an email I sent about Father’s day. I told a quick story about the last time I was with my dad 25 years ago, and reminded readers not to forget. I added a picture between the last 2 paragraphs.

    I told people to turn on their images. The email is still in it’s “hot” time so people are still reading it, but it’s clear… here’s what’s amazing…

    It truly is registering a much higher open rate. I can see that without even giving it a couple of days to cycle. I put a link in the picture of “super dad” to a you tube video on father’s day. It’s getting a lot of clicks, and the reader can’t even tell there is a link there.

    Second, people are opting out. More than on any other email recently. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why this would be so. There is no offer, there is only well wishes and a friendly reminder.


    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      I couldn’t tell you why they are opting out without more info. Why did they sign up? Is Father’s day and/or your story connected to why they signed up? Was their a marketing message?

      If it had nothing to do with why they signed up, that could be the reason. Maybe you reached more people than you usually do, and they were going to opt out anyways. Not sure.

      1. Wayne Sharer

        It’s like you say about things like using only 45 character lines, etc. I really don’t have way to test. My suspicions are that more people that haven’t opened the emails in a while opened this, and would have opted out.
        Honestly, I have sent out several messages recently that kindly suggested the “free loaders” please opt out if they aren’t taking any action.
        And the message was totally about fathers and remembering them on Father’s Day, and no, Father’s Day has nothing to do with traffic generation – my normal subjects, it was simply a “non marketing message” to engage my audience in a personal way.
        Maybe some of them don’t want to know me personally 🙂

        Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply, your time is much appreciated.

  6. Bruce Eichelberger

    Big Jason,

    Any chance we can have the “Email Warrior Notes” option on this page? I’m getting used to taking my notes in it when I view the video.


  7. Ken

    Please hit on what to do with a mature list that doesn’t get a lot of new subscribers and has already been exposed to less than optimally written emails

  8. Martha Mayo

    So excited for this webinar!

    Hope life is a little more calm for you today Jason, aka Big Rabbit!

    A question: The lists my partners and I market to have been primarily built from the release of WSOs. As a consequence, we have folks on our lists that are on other marketers lists. Any tips for distinguishing ourselves from other email they receive when we promote the same product/launch?

    We often offer bonuses to folks to entice them to purchase using our link, yet so do others!

    My desire is to add folks to our list from a blog opt-in box, social media interaction, etc. so that we get folks who are potentially outside the WF membership.

    Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated!


  9. Cary Wan

    Questions for you! 🙂

    What are the best (and worst times) to send email newsletters?

    What are the best (and worst times) for product launch emails?

    Do you have a good recommendation for autoresponder services for the dating/relationships/sex niche? I’ve aweber is specifically not fond of website owners in this niche and have shut down people’s accounts and lists :/

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to the webinar :0)


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