Open Rate Operating Table

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6 thoughts on “Open Rate Operating Table

  1. Martha Mayo

    Hi Jason,

    A question for the Wednesday webby. I have a very non-responsive list built from buyers of a variety of WSOs. The open rate averages between 2-4% on a list of approx 1000+ (low end of 1000) folks.

    The partner and I who built this list are going our separate ways (amicable decision) and I’m wondering if it is worth attempting to revive the list?


      1. Lester Lim

        Hey Jason, thanks for the valuable information. I have a list (about 4k which was built from WF launches and the list is pretty aged) which is only giving me open rate of about 4-5% on average and the CTR is even worse. Whenever I do promotions I can only make a few random sales and sometimes no sale on a bad day.

        Besides doing webinar (have no experience with doing one), what other ways do you think can be done to best ‘revive’ the list?

        1. Big Rabbit Post author

          you’re welcome lester.

          what are your competitors doing? are they mailing daily? slamming the living bunny poop out of them? You might need to be more consistent with your mailings. even if you don’t do webinars, you can still do valuable content, whether via email, video, articles, etc. staying in touch, standing out are your friend. be unique, different and try and build a relationship with them. Survey them and find out what scares the bejeezus out of them, what turns them on, etc.

          1. Lester Lim

            Hey Jason, yea people in Warrior Forum are usually in “everyone’s list”. So basically they could be receiving promotion emails from several people at one go. Many people are mailing daily while some are probably mailing 2-3 times in a week.

            I guess the question has been asked really often – How many times should we mail in a week? And another aspect of the question is: what ratio should we mix it around? Admittedly, my emails are simply promotions and not much content/training to speak of.

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