Everything You Wanted to Know About OfficeAutoPilot


Office Auto Pilot is the Autoresponder of ChoiceSendPepper is OfficeAutoPilots little brother

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15 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted to Know About OfficeAutoPilot

  1. Martin

    When I see an all-in-one solution like Office AutoPilot, I wonder what kind of business it’s really designed for. (I don’t doubt they will say it’s for virtually all kinds of businesses).

  2. Martin

    I may be the only person in the whole world who thinks this way, but in my mind I associate aWeber with spammy email. I was planning to use WYSIJA but haven’t got it working yet. Do you have any experience with WYSIJA or with any other WordPress newsletter plugin?

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey martin. haven’t used one in a long time and would never suggest doing so since I believe you’re sending from your own server. Aweber used to be the haven for spammers back in the day. They’re stricter now which is why they have all these anti-marketing practices in place…. =(

  3. Michael Christon

    Techie question… I use DigitalAccessPass (DAP) to run my membership/product sites and I know DAP does not yet offer any form of OAP integration…

    BUT… I know some people have had custom-code created to make it work.

    Does OAP provide the technical hooks and instruction on how to integrate with third-party systems like DAP?

    Thanks Big J!

    1. Folusho Orokunle

      I have DAP and OAP Michael. OAP has it’s own membership plugin so I just ended up using that. If you can afford the monthly fee, OAP is just AWESOME. You can pretty much make it do whatever you want it to do based on triggers.

    2. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey michael. yep, OAP can hook into practically anything with the api. i had my php programmer do a wishlist/oap integration with the api, and he said it was super easy to work with..

  4. Devin McMahan

    Uh, oh, I got Aweber for awhile, never used yet… but I get lots of messages from them, they seem to work well. I like that they look like something someone sent from their email, without big logos at the bottom. Some from aweber make it to my inbox, but my spam filters are at the highest, so unless you’re in my contacts, you go to junk folder.

    The only messages that always go to my inbox are GoTo Webinar ones… I wonder who they use.

  5. Red Williams

    It seems like some Auto Responder co. hate marketers in general, but despise the make money online and I. M. ….. are there types of marketing activities that office autopilot doesnt want as customers? besides Spammers we all hate them 😉 …. hahahah

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