Bonus Q & A Webinar #1


4 thoughts on “Bonus Q & A Webinar #1

  1. Steve McCann

    Hey Big Jason,

    I would be really interested to know your own specfic processes for doing the research on the target market you are going after to find out their pains, hot buttons etc, lets say for example women who want to lose the excess baby fat after being pregnant. Then how you use that info to structure your SOS autoresponder series?

  2. Carl Picot

    Hi Jason

    Andre uses a version where he tells a story in the dating niche… but how can you do the same thing with the same convincing tone using the IM niche? This will probably be promoting a product I guess. This is what Im trying to do now …. but I am not yet the rockstar that Alan Saunders is – although I have interviewed some great marketers – thanks Carl

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