Optin Page Critiques

How to Optimize Your Optin Page II
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    1. Ken

      I need to improve the email to optin to conversion numbers. My sales conversions will go up if all of the numbers ahead of them go up. The optin page “sells” them on a webinar registration where they can choose the time and day from a list. Assuming that they see the information, I can call them to follow up because every “sale” requires me to call them in person and close them. Not as cookie cutter as driving them to a BUY NOW page. So again, I just need to drive as much traffic as I can to that optin page.

  1. Joe Stauffacher


    traffic source: personal and referral, email list (No created yet)

    No Example Sources of links… no url’s

    Small business owners… frustrations are being tied to their business, never a break, doing everything in their business and wearing multiple hats. They started a business looking for freedom and they ended up in a prison called their business.

    Keywords: Hire right, Find the Right Employee, Dream Employee

    No known competitor opt-in pages

    1. Ken

      Joe, are you offering an affiliate program with your product? We hit the same market, small business owners and my product is synergistic with yours (it appears).

      1. Big Rabbit Post author

        more info please. what product? where were they before this? if email, what is email? as much detail as possible.

        Who is the target?

  2. Jamie Spear

    Hi Big Jason!

    This is what I am promoting for a CPA offer and we have included top training for free at least worth several hundred dollars worth and free marketing funnel.

    I am driving traffic only using solo ads by paying list owners to mail out to there lists so paying for min clicks.. here is the raw url for the capture page..

    The target market or audience is newbie online marketers, home biz op seekers, experienced marketers also..
    Their main fears are failing or losing money online, being lied to again and promised systems or ways to make a living online with only to fail again and lose money and time..
    This is a legitimate way to make money with licensing rights to give away the training and marketing funnel to people that sign up… People can start for as little as $60 to signup to mypcupdate through our members and they get the online training for free and the marketing funnel to use. Jamison Palmer is a leader in online marketing and his funnels out perform anything else on the market nearest competition with this is EZ Money Makers.. here is their capture page url …

    I hope you can consider my example and critique the paws off of this bunny..!



  3. Michael Caruana

    url: http://www.lottopaysyou.com

    traffic source: Mainly affiliates, but I need more traffic.

    targeting network marketers, biz-opp seekers, and lottery players

    keywords: mlm, network marketing, home-based business, lottery, lottery system, lotto, powerball

    PS — The page is 3 years old and I need to re-design it from scratch. Pointers welcomed.

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