Harlan Kilstein

How to Use NLP in Your Email Copy
Without Looking Like A Complete Douchebag…



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  1. Darryl Hudson

    I’m prospecting for mobile web design and this one of my emails
    that goes out after I’ve discovered there’s a problem with the prospects
    website which normal is a desktop website in flash.

    There’s something wrong with your website.

    I was viewing it on my mobile phone today and it looks like this: (insert link to a picture).
    I’m a local business person myself and one of my firm’s services is mobile website optimization.
    I actually took the liberty of having my firm create a mock up version of a more mobile friendly version of your website.
    If you’re interested, just email me back or call me at *phone number+ and I’ll show you.
    Also, make sure to remind me about browser detection, that’s something that is wrong with your website as well…
    Darryl Hudson

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