The Number One Strategy for Crushing It

Find Out What Has Been My Number One Strategy for Absolutely Crushing It in Getting A Huge Response to Your Emails

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17 thoughts on “The Number One Strategy for Crushing It

  1. Andrew Devore

    Jason, I was wondering specifically what to do with an abused list, such as one that has been ignored for quite a while? How do you RE- break the ice and get the ball rolling again when most of the list likely has forgotten who I AM? Would you start offering free, no strings attached content and tools for a while, before making offers? If yes to this, for how long do you suggest to do this? If not, what DO you suggest? And once familiarity and credibility has been RE-established, what sending ratio of free stuff emails to paid offer do you advise?

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey andrew. it all “depends” unfortunately. yes, free no pitch content to rekindle the romance. When you actually start making offers depends on how amazing the content is. I’ve started within 2 emails making an offer starting soft and building up. best to do a sequence…again, with amazing content

  2. Troy

    Can you please post a download link for the video? I am overseas with a poor connection and watching videos “online” is extremely problematic.


  3. Sally Neill

    Ohhhhh the mystery…

    Who is on his way to being a “billion dollar man” ???
    Just who is Big J’s main mentor???

    Hmmmmm… I honestly don’t have a clue, but it’s all very exciting, can’t wait!!!

    Sally 🙂 x

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