Tony Flores

Tony Flores, Author of Clayton Makepeace’s Desk Top Copy Coach, on Email Copywriting

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5 thoughts on “Tony Flores

  1. Ken

    Basically my list is a compilation of purchased lists that have been scrubbed and offered the chance to opt-out. So those that are here want to be here.

  2. Ken

    I’ll send you my email by email. 🙂


    Small Business Market, under 100 employees

    Purpose: Get them to click through to landing page where they register for the webinar that explains our service

    Service: Package suite of legal services for a flat monthly fee, alternative to paying by the hour

    “all small business owners fall into one of two categories, those that overpay for legal because they use attorneys and then those that don’t even use them”

    “the same business model that keeps us all from paying our doctors by the hour is the same one we use to keep you from paying attorneys by the hour”

    Product is $75 month to month, no long term contract, no call limits, unlimited legal advice and counsel

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