Optin Page Critiques Pt 2

How to Optimize Your Optin Page III
And Put Your List Building on Steroids…

Ask as many questions you want below (in the wordpress comment field, NOT the warrior notes field) about how to optimize your optin landing page (page where your main optin page is to build your list)

Only ask one question at a time!

You can also submit your optin page for a live critique. Please do it in its own question/comment with the following information…

  • Optin page url: http://www.yourdomain.com/optinpage.php
  • Source of traffic: facebook, blog, youtube, affiliates
  • Traffic Source Example Urls: links to your youtube videos, facebook page with link pointing to your optin page, blog posts, etc
  • URL of any page they land on BEFORE going to your optin page (if any)
  • If they are coming from an email to the optin page, please include that email
  • Briefly explain who you’re targeting, they’re desires, fears, etc
  • Please list any top key phrases (that you know of) that lead to this page whether paid or free traffic sources
  • Please list any top competitor optin pages

P.S. Be as detailed as possible

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