John Carlton on Email Copywriting


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29 thoughts on “John Carlton on Email Copywriting

  1. Devin McMahan

    Hasn’t this interview already happened awhile ago? Is there going to be a recording posted?
    My question if it hasn’t happened yet would be:
    “What is the goal of the emails you write? Do you get them hooked on your content with small chunks, or is it to get them to know, like and trust you, or is it to just give them things they’re looking for (making yourself an expert), or something else?

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey devin, it was live and now the recording is up. The webinar was about office auto pilot. email questions will be answered within other areas of the email response warrior member’s area

  2. Scott S.

    Big Jason and John

    This may be a total newbie question but I would love it if you could back up for moment and explain from your experiences what the most important differences between copywriting for email and copywriting for traditional mail (e.g. a Letter). What skills and techniques carry-over and what is new to the email medium? Some people make big statements and rules about email copy, but frankly I see a lot of email that is not at all engaging and I don’t think most of what they claim is critical has ever been properly tested if tested at all. Many thanks!

  3. Darryl Hudson

    Here’s one of my email in my sales funnel Big Jason,
    Please let me know what you think?

    SUBJECT: Millionaire Mindset Tips


    It’s no secret that super affiliates have more
    resources than the average beginner. They have more tools,
    more contacts, and more websites than a beginning
    affiliate marketer.

    But, they have something else that is
    far more valuable and that a beginner can easily acquire
    for themselves with the right approach – and that’s their

    The mindset of a super affiliate millionaire is
    entirely different from that of a newbie to the field. If
    you’re willing to pour a bit of extra effort in and change
    how you look at your work, you can be there too.

    The Mindset of a Millionaire

    Interested in taking on the mind-molding strategies
    that the world’s affiliate millionaires have been using?
    Here are some valuable tips to get you started:

    * Take Action Towards Your Goals – Every action you
    take should drive you towards your goals. Make sure those
    goals are tangible and not so vague that you don’t know
    how to proceed.

    * Invest Your Money – Don’t spend your profits;
    reinvest them. Take all the money you don’t need to
    survive and use it for software, books, outsourcing, and

    * Believe in Your Actions – Something as simple as
    self-belief will change how you proceed with almost
    everything in your campaigns. Know that you can succeed
    and stop thinking about the possibility of failure.

    * Use Your Spare Time to Move Forward – Spare time is
    not for lounging around and consuming. You should be
    creating and learning. Take classes, read books, and build
    your websites.

    The more time you invest in pushing your efforts
    forward and developing yourself intellectually, the closer
    you’ll get to success.

    * Improve Yourself – While your business is important,
    so too is your body. It’s easy to spend 12 hours a day on
    the computer typing, but then what happens to your mind?
    Step back, look at your health and make sure to take care
    of yourself. Exercises daily, eat healthily and take time
    off to relax as needed.

    * Focus on Opportunities, not Obstacles – Forget the
    obstacles in front of you. Focus on them only long enough
    to find solutions. Stop looking for reasons you might fail
    and start looking for ways you can succeed.

    * Dream Big and Make it Happen – Have big dreams. Small
    dreams lead to underperformance. You have the ability to
    do much more than that, but it starts with believing you
    can do something substantial. Once you get to that point,
    you can cater your goals and actions toward making it

    * Learn Constantly – Knowledge is what separates
    newcomers from those who succeed. Don’t spend all your
    time reading when you could be doing, but also don’t
    forget that there are thousands of successful marketers
    out there you can learn from.

    Read their books, follow their advice and develop
    strategies that will help you grow in your life and your

    * Never Feel Guilty About Your Success – If you feel
    guilty when you make a sale and earn money, stop. You’re
    running a business and using your talents to make a
    profit. Be proud of that and embrace it as much as
    possible. That guilt is irrational and will only hinder
    your progress.

    You really want to be the next major affiliate
    millionaire? You want to stop worrying about paying your
    mortgage and focus on the things you truly love in your
    life? This is where you need to start.

    Success in the affiliate marketing field doesn’t begin
    with article writing or website building. It starts with
    someone at their computer learning how to think like a
    winner. Do that and you’ll be miles ahead of many other
    affiliate marketing newcomers.

    The mind of a truly successful Internet marketer
    doesn’t just strive for excellence; it believes in it.

    That’s why I want to recommend Mind Movies. Mind Movies
    provides you with a custom built mind movie that you can
    watch and rewatch every day to help you visualize your
    future success:

    Thanks for Reading,

    Darryl H

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      what did they originally sign up for? (be specific)

      who is the target audience?

      what is the purpose (in your mind) for this email?

      you mention at the end about mind movies, but there is no link. where is the link?

  4. Waldo de Groot

    What are the best strategies we can use to grab attention and keep them reading?
    Also what resources are there that we can use for ideas like attention grabbing and persuasive words?
    Thanks Jason and John.

  5. Katie Hurley

    Hello Big Jason and John,
    I would like to incorporate powerful questions into my copywrighting efforts. Any feedback on that would be very much appreciated.

  6. Kevin Tester

    John and Jason,

    I’m a reader. Are there any books you have read that have made a great impact on you or have been helpful in writing or marketing?

    Thank you!

  7. Bruce Eichelberger

    John & Big Jason,

    Breaking through so that people open your emails is huge. Obviously, the headline / subject line is the first step towards this. How can we maximize our open rates so that the message gets across?



  8. Carl Picot

    Hy John and Jason

    What would you put in your first set of autoresonder messages to get the people to warm to you?? Would you sell to them or just provide gifts and content ?? How long before you decide to sell?



  9. Ricky Britton

    I have some more questions.

    How do you tie in some of the above emotionally triggers to create stories (AR sequences) that resonate and strengthen the bond with subscribers?

    What’s some of your best method for leveraging the relationship you have built with your subscribers for bigger profits? I’m basically wanting know what’s your thought processes and strategy when you create strong call to actions..


    ~ Ricky

  10. Ricky Britton

    Hi John

    In your opinion what are best emotional buttons to push to establish a relationship with your subscribers? I.e pain, frustration, greed, reciprocity, scarcity etc


  11. Brett

    Hi Everyone,

    My big question is now long do you leave someone on a list before deleting them, or not emailing them further? I’ve had some on a list for years before they purchase! So, if I drop them after 6 months, I lose a sale.


  12. Chris Dittemore

    How do you discover what your biggest benefits are for your readers, so you can highlight them before you send them to the sales page (pre sell copy) from an affiliate stand point…

  13. Dominique Degottex

    Hi there,
    Well, when you are doing a news letter. Is it better to send email without monetizing purpose for building up a relationship, or to start monetizing from the first email?
    What kind of strategy would you choose?
    How to make a catchy email title that make people open the email?

  14. Jim Cook

    Hi Jason,

    A simple question for John as well as you – do you speak as you write? In other words, as you write do you speak the words that you’ve written?

    Thanks for your time,
    Jimmy Cook

  15. Gary Riding

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  16. Henry Kruizinga

    Hi John Hi Jason,

    John looking in my inbox I get the impression that you use email mainly to get people to click to your blog. The email is often stimulating the appetite and then you telling where to get the full meal. I could have used the sex analogy , getting turned on and satisfying the desire as well.

    If that is so, what is your thinking behind that a little bit in-depth?

    It probably has to do with the length of the stories. What else makes you chose this? (if you agree with my observation.)

    Thanks, Henry

  17. Richard Ingalls

    John: If you were starting over from scratch, what would you do to get to six figures as fast as you can? What would your strategy consist of?

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      not really an email copywrting question, but good question nonetheless. will add it at the end and hopefully we’ll have time

  18. Daniel Sanchez

    John, I’ve always wondered about your style of writing. It’s punchy, “in your face honest” and to the point. What are some advanced tips and tricks you’d recommend to help someone develop gripping copy?

  19. Kathleen Keith

    Hi Big Jason and John,
    I want to build a list quick but I know that is the antithesis of Know, Like, Trust… Just like Sanjiv, below, I want a good basis in credibility and trust. How many emails do I need to send out before I get their attention —understanding they may be deluged with daily offers that promise everything and deliver nothing for the most part?

  20. Sanjiv Gurram

    Hi John and Big Jason,

    There’s a fine line between building a relationship with a client, and monetizing with your list through offers that will suit them.

    Is there any hard and fast rule in your eyes regarding content vs selling ratios in email series?

    What do you find is the best way to build a rock solid relationship with your list?

    What is necessary in terms of emails for building an autoresponder series post-purchase?

    How long should this series be? How often should you be in contact with your list? etc.

    Thanks, Sanjiv

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