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Click the link below to download and install the Tag Contacts By Link Click script. (Remember, these won’t work without installing the main script files first).

Download The Tag Contacts By Link Click Files

Example Urls:

  • Basic: http://emailresponsewarrior.com/ac/add-tags-link-click.php?email=[wlm_email]&tag[0]=MMO+CCC+WarriorPlus+Special+Salesletter&url=http://mlantz7.bjmikejv.hop.clickbank.net?page=wplusesfdownload
  • Additional Tag: http://emailresponsewarrior.com/ac/add-tags-link-click.php?email=[wlm_email]&tag[0]=MMO+CCC+WarriorPlus+Special+Salesletter&tag[1]=[DESIRE]+Copywriting&url=http://mlantz7.bjmikejv.hop.clickbank.net?page=wplusesfdownload
  • Remove Tag: http://emailresponsewarrior.com/ac/add-tags-link-click.php?email=[wlm_email]&tag[0]=MMO+CCC+WarriorPlus+Special+Salesletter&rtag[0]=[OFFERS]+No&url=http://mlantz7.bjmikejv.hop.clickbank.net?page=wplusesfdownload

How To Use With ClickFunnels:

  • Copy and paste this code into the “Head Tracking Code” section of the “Settings” for the entire funnel:

    function getGET(){
    var parts = window.location.search.substr(1).split("&");
    var $_GET = {};
    for (var i = 0; i < parts.length; i++) {
    var temp = parts[i].split("=");
    $_GET[decodeURIComponent(temp[0])] = decodeURIComponent(temp[1]);

    return $_GET;

    function start(){
    var $_GET = getGET();
    var as = document.getElementsByClassName(‘elButtonFluid’);

    var email = $_GET[’email’];

    email = ”;

    for(var i=0; i<as.length; i++){
    as[i].href = as[i].href.replace(‘%email%’, email)
    .replace(/%5B/g, ‘[‘)
    .replace(/%5D/g, ‘]’);


    window.onload = start;

  • Then use your Add Tags By Link Clicks url as normal except it should be &email=%email%. Like so:


  • Then just be sure you have ? or &email=email@email.com in the url. Shazaam!

If you have any questions, use the WordPress comment form below.

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