Ultimate Guide to Using Images

[bigcufon] Hola, [wlm_firstname]. Get More Opens, Clicks and Sales by Testing Images in Your Emails[/bigcufon]

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Ultimate Guide to Using Images Ebook – Right Click and Save As to download to your computer.

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24 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Using Images

  1. Anthony Aires

    Hey Jason…have you tried saying something in the alt tag that says, “To see my face all banged up you gotta turn on your images in your email settings!” ?

  2. Desmond

    Thanks for this report. I notice in the email you sent for the webinar you used a GIF.
    Pretty neat. Will you covering using them in the webinar or any follow-up notes?

  3. Britt Malka

    Magnificent guide! Wow, I got a lot of ideas and inspiration for upcoming mails – and blog posts.

    I’ve often used screen dumps of membership areas, but never thought of using one of a receipt. And while I do link pictures to offers on my blog, I haven’t considered doing so in emails.

    Really nice idea! Thanks 🙂

  4. Kevin Ashbridge

    Excellent report Big Jason. There used to be a method of encoding images as inline MIME attachments right in you emails – I think Microsoft Outlook/Entourage used to do this by default. Is this still good practice?

  5. Sanjiv Gurram

    Hey Big Bunny,

    Awesome report on how to use images in emails 🙂

    I’ve learned so much!

    It’s great that being able to have a course like this really can take you to the next level when it comes to email marketing.

    Thanks a bunch – Sanjiv

  6. Martin

    This is a fantastic report on one of those topics that nobody seems to ever write about, but which every email marketer needs to know about. It’s good to go into as much detail as possible about how to send emails that people want to read. It makes the readers’ experience more enjoyable and benefits the senders as well.

    By the way, thanks Jason, for your speedy response to my email!

  7. Bruce Eichelberger

    Wow… great info. I’ve used a sliver of this approach (alt tag on header graphic), but there are so many other great ideas here that my head is buzzing…


  8. Justin Wheeler

    This is fantastic. I started headbanging the keyboard with frustration as I worked my way through this report, as I realise so much of what I am almost certainly doing wrong. So many great ideas, none of which I am currently doing. For me every part of the course I have studies so far has been worth the price of admission on it’s own.

    Just need to put it all into action now! 🙂

  9. Joe Martin

    So there I was, waiting in line at the Walgreens picking up a script for my bride…I decided to open up my iPad and log into the members area as I had some trouble logging in earlier and was chomping at the bit to dive in…

    It was hilarious really, as by the time I got finished being interrupted by the clerk during my training video (LOL) I had no choice but to park and finish listening…it was that good!!

    Next thing you know I realize it’s about an hour later after my low fuel level dinged and woke me up from my trance while reading this very PDF….all I could do was say WOW!

  10. Ricky Britton

    Hey Jason

    Great report.. it was entertaining and interesting reading about your image strategies. I have one question for ya with regards to images.

    Would you suggest the image is deliberately blurred, say for instance when using an image to link through to video/special report?

    In your experience would this improve metrics? ( I know I said I only had one question but I just thought of this one now)

    Btw, I agree with Sally below, the end of report was great example of relationship building in marketing, who wouldn’t like your FB fanpage after reading that? 😉 didn’t I say I only had one question? Sorry mate, you can ignore those two last questions as I’m clearly getting carried away – Math was never a strong subject! 😉

    Many thanks

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      thanks ricky for those last comments. appreciate it.

      blurred. heck yeah that will (should) work. tease them but make sure there is a big payoff 😉

  11. Sally Neill

    Fabulous Report Jason… wow this one is a keeper to refer back to over and over again, have to admit I have been LAZZZZZZY when it comes to adding images into my emails, but I have so many ideas now on WHAT type to use and HOW to add them correctly.

    Yet again you pulled the bunny out the hat!

    Thank you, Sally 😉 x

    ps. gotta say that the “about big jason” at the end of the report is pure class… loved it… I hardly knew of you until this course and now I feel like I known you for years – that in itself is a lesson in branding and relationship building (I’m learning wayyyyyy more from you than I had EVER imagined).

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