How to Accurately Test Your Emails

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As mentioned in the video… MECLAB’s Test Validty Spreadsheet

23 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Ehud Kafri

    Can you explain how to use the MECLabs test spreadsheet?
    I could not figure out what is the answer I get from it…
    And what are the vital test in an email campaign? do split your list? (meaning part 1- version1 part2-version2)

  2. Sanjeev

    Hey B Jason,

    Thanks for the cool vids.

    Could you please tell us which email service provider/s you recommend now that Aweber and Getresponse are officially crap? 🙂

    In your sales letter, you mention a pinto email service for those on a tight budget and a rolls royce service for those rolling in the stuff. Please do let us know which services these are – we really want to know what your recommendations so that we can try them out asap.


      1. Toby Couchman

        Hi Jason,

        Can you shed some light on why you have picked those two auto responders?

        I currently use Aweber and CampaignMonitor. Should I look at switching?


  3. Britt Malka

    I’m also curious about why you think AWeber is crap. I’ve been using them for several years now and never had an issue with them.

    I’ve heard that GetRespons not always sends out the mails like they should, and a friend is using them (at least for a free month), and they seem to have a really odd way of dealing with auto-responder sequences. You have to set them ALL up at once. If you add to it later (which I keep doing) you have to activate the first users for the new mails. Weird.

    I envy your passion for testing, Kevin 🙂 I never test. Almost never, that is. Big mistake, I know.

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      why i know aweber is crap is because they’re anti-marketing. they dictate how you market to your customers in different instances. plus the lies about their the best is getting old. never was true. you never had a problem “that you know of…” =)

  4. Chris Dittemore

    I’m planning on migrating to either Infusion Soft or OAP – I notice you use OAP… have you tried IS or is there any specific reason why you’re using OAP?

  5. Mike Robbins

    hey big guy

    You make mention that Aweber is crap. And this comes at a time when every other IM guru is saying that Aweber is the best.

    I hope you’re going to expound on this, I am very curious as to why.


    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      see my response to brit. aweber has a great affiliate program. that and ignorance are the major reaons “gurus” promote AND lie about how great aweber is. not all of them but a lot

  6. Kevin Tester

    Good video. I found MECLABS about two months ago, I go to their Marketing Sherpa and Marketing Experiments sites a lot; good info there.

    Testing is really important and it’s not being used nearly as much as it should. I think a lot of people think that it’s harder than it is. The problem I have with testing is to keep it to a single element. I get carried away and have to remind myself if there is more than one element being tested; how will I know which one worked? Personally I like testing but then maybe I’m a little biased; my last name is Tester.

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