Week 2 – Strategy Part 2

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2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Strategy Part 2

  1. Frances I Thorsen

    One of the areas I work with abandoned carts is Shopify. I would love to be able to use ActiveCampaign with my e-commerce business.

    Presently I am using a Shopify app called “Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails”. I can customize TWO follow-up emails, and there are tokens in the app linking to the product image and abandoned cart.

    Is there anything in development at AC that will use product and collection tokens in Shopify? Presently the Shopify/AC integration leaves a lot to be desired, especially with tags.

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      If you have the plus plan, yes. They have a deep Shopify integration that is much better than the standard one. Or is that what you’re talking about?

      For abandoned baskets, shopify does have an API that could be used to automatically send their info to AC and start the process.

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