Omar Michael of MindValley

Email Copywriting Secrets of the
$20,000,000 Man, Omar Michael, former head copywriter of MindValley

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21 thoughts on “Omar Michael of MindValley

  1. Martha Mayo

    As an affiliate, it sounds like you’re suggesting that an email writer have access to the sales page of the product so that there can be a smooth transition between email and sales copy.

    I had no idea, yet it makes perfect sense!

  2. Ken

    Jason, can you submit the email I gave you before the first Bond webinar? Even after all of the positive changes given by Bond, that original email is performing 25% – 35% better. So I thought I would go back to the drawing board with Omar.

  3. Martha Mayo

    Hey Jason and Omar,

    Thank y’all for this opportunity! The email below was sent to our lists the day before the product launched on the Warrior Forum. Our lists were aware of the name of the offer; hence, we didn’t explain the product name.

    Here is the email. A link to the offer is here, as well as below the email.

    Thanks again, Martha


    Subject line: PicZN – Setting Sail Copyright Free Happens Tuesday


    How was your weekend?

    We’re working like busy worker bees on our new product that comes to you LIVE on Tuesday, June 12 at high noon, EDT.

    As you know, Ed Mercer, one of the Eds in Ed, Ed and Martha, has been a professional photographer for 30+ years.

    During those years he has photographed almost any and everything you could think of.

    He very generously is offering a license to folks who purchase our product, to use the 2000+ images that will go into the members’ area initially with at least 100+ more per month, absolutely copyright free.

    No longer will you have to worry about the copyright shark lawyers from Getty Images, iStockPhoto or Google Images chasing you down waving a DMCA notice in their hands.

    You know the one- the notice that says you must pay them XXX amount of dollars for using their image without their permission or paying them to use it.

    When PicZN goes live on Tuesday, June 12 at high noon EDT, you can purchase an annual license for access to the beginning collection of 2000+ images in a variety of categories. Ed is offering you the use of his images, absolutely copyright free so that you have an amazing resource to draw from, without any worries of copyright infringement.

    Can you say “yay” to

    – pinning on Pinterest without any worries about copyright, regardless of how Pinterest writes its Terms of Service,

    – creating a Kindle cover for your soon-to-be best seller,

    – enhancing a blog post with an awesome, unique image

    – posting a Facebook status update using an eye-catching image

    – creating a unique piece of marketing content for a brand new offline client to WOW them!

    – and soooooo much more.

    Your projects will be so much richer when you get your hands on these professionally-taken photographs and images.

    There is so much more you can do with these images – turn your creativity loose!

    Be on the lookout on Tuesday, June 12 at noon, EDT for our email letting you know the product is available for purchase!

    “PicZN – Setting Sail, Copyright Free”
    To your success,

    Ed, Ed, and Martha

    P.S. there will be a Facebook group too where you’ll have access to Ed Mercer, Ed and Martha, plus all your fellow and sister purchasers. Sweet indeed!

    Sales page:

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      awesome. thanks martha. was this the actual format of the email? if not, send it again to me personally in original formatting (look) to bigjason @


  4. Martha Mayo

    Hi Big Jason and Omar,

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    I’ve submitted an email along with the URL for the sales page.

    Quite eager for the call tonight!

    Bunny time on East coast of US – 10:00 p.m. -perfect!

    Martha Mayo

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey martha. where is it? its not here. did you submit it via this wordpress comment form? I’ll check spam. might be so long or contain x amount of links that it triggered spam detector


      1. Martha Mayo

        uh oh, I submitted it through the form above….I can see it in the “warrior email notes.”

        Did I submit in the wrong space?!

        Will be happy to resubmit!


  5. Steven Schooten

    The background is that I’m asking 1,000 Georgia Toastmasters
    to help me create something that has never been…

    A Georgia Toastmasters Specialty License Plate.

    Your offer for this critique comes a ‘smidge’ earlier than I’m prepared for.
    The URL exists but the pages have not yet been created.

    I’ve added the “Offer Page” text below
    The ‘game’ will be a drawing for high-end mentoring packages,
    in exchange for people buying a specialty license plate.

    The ‘game’ takes place both on facebook and a separate site.

    Toastmasters is an awesome platform,
    teaching communication and leadership skills…

    To which I am addicted…Hence, I am here!

    You’re comments will be invaluable. Thank You!
    TI Tag Game Story

    There are too few moments in life where we have the
    opportunity to do something truly remarkable!

    This is one of those moments.

    While the rest of our nation goes to the polls to determine
    the direction of our nation’s future…

    You also, have a grass roots opportunity to do something
    truly historical!

    Will you help us put our Toastmasters opportunity on
    license plates in front of fellow commuters across Georgia?

    It’s time to share the greatest secret in our state!
    Help others find their voice…Share the Freedom of Speech!

    We need One Thousand Toastmasters to buy the “TI” Tag
    before the state will print them.

    Will you become “One of One Thousand”!

    We want to reward you for helping us.

    When you join us in the “TI Tag Game”…
    You may win a “Go For Your Dreams” mentoring program of your choice.

    Countless Georgians may learn about your Toastmasters club!

    Become “One of One Thousand”!
    Shatter new limits.
    Buy The “TI” Tag!

    (Insert “I’m-in” Button)

    These are my thoughts…I welcome yours!

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey steven,

      where is the email? this is email copywriting. so we need to see the email first before the landing page. please include the subject line as well. if you have a link to this landing page, please include that as well


  6. Jamie Spear

    Hi Omar and Big Jason, am ecited to be on the call today thanks for making this happen! I submitted an ad for you so feel free to critique it if you like..

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