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Unbelievable Claim – 166k Unique Opens, 77k Unique Clicks + Near 10k in Revenue

Email Template #1 – Reach Par 5s in Two…

This was the most responsive email I wrote in 2013 out of over 500 million emails sent…

Be sure to watch the Best Email of 2013 webinar replay

If you want to reach Par 5s in two… with the exact same swing you possess right now, you have to see this.

Click here to reach Par 5s in two…

To more eagles,


Email Template #2 – Get On The AC Webinar Or I’ll Shoot The Bunny!

This was considered the top email of 2009 (better than anything Carlton and Makepeace wrote…) by A+ copywriter, Tony Flores.

Tony worked with both Makepeace and Carlton, so this is saying something.

Normally, I don’t care about “praise” like this, but it was intended to grab affiliate’s attention… and stories were told about the “bunny email”…

You heard me [wlm_firstname]…

Get On The Webinar Today Or I’ll Shoot The Bunny!

Turn on Images to See A Cute Little Bunny Rabbit

You don’t want to be responsible for the dealth of a cute, little bunny do you?

6’11”, former professional basketball player, nationally certified personal trainer, actor, model, kick boxer, landing page optimization expert, email marketing specialist, affiliate manager……and now Bunny Killer!

Go register right now, or I’m going to do it [fname].

Our team has been meeting virtually and discussing affiliate policies. I’m getting pretty pissed.

“Everyone else does it that way” is not an acceptable answer to me. If our affiliates are not happy, I’m not happy.

If anybody on the AC team doesn’t like it, they can get a step ladder and kiss my booty.

This is why I need you on that webinar to tell me what you need. I’m working with the russian “mafia” coders on the new affiliate system, and I want to make sure it has everything you need.

Aymen is also working me around the clock, and I am really stressed right now.

I had to go for an emergency visit to the dentist yesterday due to a cracked molar near a nerve..

He skypes me as I’m in the waiting room in severe pain with the following:

“hey buddy. how you doin? just wanted to remind you about being available to affiliates around the clock. If I hear from any of them that you’re not answering them immediately, somebunny gonna get hurt!”

I was like:

“bro. i’m about to go back to the dentist chair. i cracked a tooth, and i’m dying here.”

Aymen was then like:

“dude. that’s not our affiliate’s problem. you’re big jason right? don’t give me any excuses. just make it happen!”

I thought to myself:

“First Jaime and what’s her face on the next internet millionaire and now this crap. I so hate canadians!”

I just got an offer to be the new “rich jerk” actor with the first video being filmed at Hef’s place with six bunnies, and now I’m thinking that might not be such a bad gig.

But in the end I decided…

Who Forces Someone to Work While at The Dentist?
The picture above is me skyping with Michael Cheney who wanted more details on the re-launch. He didn’t want to schedule anything else that would conflict with Arbitrage Conspiracy Unleashed.

I don’t want you to make the biggest mistake of your life either and schedule something else, so I’m going to tell you the dates of the pre-launch and launch while that mean, little canadian is sleeping.

Pre-launch is October 19th, and launch is on October 27th. That is confidential, btw.

So for the love of bunnies and all things fluffy, tell me what you need. My skype is bigmarketing.

Even if you can’t make the webinar, skype me your questions and concerns.

I’ll make sure Aymen answers them on the webinar or else.

See you on the webinar [wlm_firstname], or the bunny gets it!,
Big Jason

Affiliate Manager and Director of Marketing Optimization
The Arbitrage Conspiracy, A division of Synergy Online Holdings Ltd.

P.S. You don’t want to miss Thursday because I think Aymen might cry for the first time publicly.

P.P.S. Please get on the webinar [wlm_firstname], or my poppa bunny is going to shoot me!

This Cute Little Bunny Is Going to Get Shot If you Dont Do The Right Thing.

Template #3 (Follow Up to Template #2) – AC Webinar Update and Warning

Guess what [wlm_firstname]?

The Webinar Replay Is Online And The Bunny Lives!

Turn on Images to See A Cute Little Bunny Rabbit

As you can see from the image above, he’s alive just barely.

The shock of the gun shot also put him in a coma.

Some affiliates are going to get it!

[wlm_firstname] [wlm_lastname]……Are you listening?

We didn’t get a chance to cover everything because Aymen likes to over deliver.

I will be putting together everyone’s concerns and questions that were not answered and do another audio call with him.

The replay for that will be posted soon.

Go watch and listen to the replay.

Webinar Preview Image

Remember that pre-launch starts October 19th, and launch starts October 27th.

Be sure to put that time range on your promotional calendar, or a mob of wild, rabbid bunnies may appear on your doorstep!

ttys [wlm_firstname],

Big Jason

Affiliate Manager and Director of Bunny Optimization
The Arbitrage Conspiracy.

P.P.S. The webinar replay page has a solution for all issues related to last launch!

Template #4 – RE: [wlm_firstname], Miva Merchant Christmas Coming Tomorrow

This was part of a “mini-launch” promo for my own product. It pulled in over $7,295 from a tiny of list of only about 740 subscribers… (who signed up for free content with lots of teaching).

This email had the most replies. My girl bunny is so ornery!

Thanks to my bunny rabbit, piggly wiggly, your Miva Merchant Christmas is early this year [wlm_firstname].

Santa Piggly Says Register Now

She says that I have to let the Miva Merchant store owners who have been on the fence about joining my monthly Miva Merchant mastermind try it this month for only $97 instead of $497 just in time for the monthly mastermind webinar/teleseminar this Thursday.

I was like:

“$97 piggly?  You crazy wabbit.  That’s $400 off the normal price.”

She said:

“Yep.  It’s Christmas, and I’m Santa Piggly. And that’s Miss Boss Bunny to you as well.”

I responded with:

“But Million Dollar Mike Morgan is my guest this month.  On Thursday they’ll get to watch live as he goes through several Miva Merchant stores and tells everyone how to improve their product descriptions to get people adding more of their products to their shopping carts. He’ll then tell them what they can do to convert more sales by improving the checkout process and reducing shopping cart abandonment.

That is going to be worth over $10,000 to any of them that actually take his advice.  They don’t call him “Million Dollar” Mike for nothing you know.”

With a stern look on her face, Piggly said:

And?  What’s your point?

I’m like:

“Fine Santa Piggly, but you can’t expect me to give them access to all the previous

  • mastermind videos
  • mp3 call recodings
  • advanced tutorials
  • all the bonus materials
    • on seo
    • social marketing
    • web 2.0
    • press releases, etc.

And don’t even talk about giving them access to the Miva Merchant Seo Teleseminar, seo video tutorials and written instructions.  That’s $497 by itself.”

Santa Piggly exclaimed:

“Go get me a carrot and listen to everything else they get in addition to everything you mentioned.

  • You will give them a video recording of Thursday’s webinar whether they can make it or not. You will also let them keep it whether they cancel their membership or not.
  • You’re going to let them keep access to the Miva Merchant Seo Teleseminar whether they cancel their membeship or not. And I don’t want to hear you whining about the $497 either. Don’t be a little, baby bunny.
  • If they decide to keep their monthly mastermind membership, the investment is only going to be $297 a month instead of the normal $497 a month.
  • And they will also get a bonus one on one mastermind session with you in December.

Well [wlm_firstname], I protested to the best of my ability, but the boss bunny proceeded to start nibbling on me and trying to mount me.

Lucky for you Santa Piggly is the boss bunny, and she got her lil’ helper Bunkins to gang up on me. I still need to work on the order page, so be on the lookout for another email tomorrow. Just keep Thursday at 3-5pm CST open if you can.

Bunkins Bunny

let me know if you have any questions [wlm_firstname], jason

Template #5 – Free Webinar on Marketing to Local Business Owners

This was part of an affiliate promo I did which generated over 250k in commissions…

You might be hearing that working with local businesses is the best thing since sliced carrots.

There is a rumor that even knowing the basics about internet marketing makes it seem to local business owners that you invented the internet and not Al Gore.

I decided to do a webinar today with the top local business marketing experts that I know so we can clear things up.

First is Mike Koenigs.

He not only knows what local business owners want, but Mike knows how to help marketers give it to them.

I even included a mug shot of Mike for you.

Next we have our very own Bunny faculty, David Preston.

He’s been helping local business owners market their businesses for over 12 years and helping others do the same.

Turn On Images Now Or This Email to See David Preston Strike A Pose

No need to fill out a form.

No need to get your wallet out.

Just use the image below to register and find out the facts and fiction of helping local business owners market their businesses online.

Use This Link Now

Till next time,

P.S. The webinar is this morning so don’t delay.

Go Register Now


Template #6 – Ridiculously Simple ETF system earns 7 figures

Alternate Subject Line – How I earned 7 figures with simple ETFs (In Two Years)

This is a solo ad which uses the “Seeing Eye Jew Method”… and increased click through rates by 27%!

It slaps them upside the head with the most powerful value propisition… IMMEDIATELY.

These people don’t know my client from Adam.

Don’t beat around the bush. Just spit it out!

No time to clear your throat!

Fellow Investor,

     If you would like to know exactly how I turned 100K to 1.4 Million trading simple ETFs (as you can see in the equity curve chart below), this may be the most important message you will ever read…

     Turn on Images to See My Equity Curve

     Here’s what it’s all about…

     I’ve uncovered a simple, yet powerful, system that allows me to make an average of 6.32% monthly with ETFs (in less than an hour per week…)

     And I’ve been doing it successfully with “live trades” since 2007 (through all types of crazy market conditions…)

     Again, this is based on actual trades, not theory.. Theoretical crap will decimate your retirement accounts. 

     Best of all, I’m willing to teach you what I’ve discovered –for free– if you act now.

     I’m doing a live web event this week where I’ll be revealing the following:

  • A little-known market sector (along with three simple steps) that could allow you to safely earn an average return of 6.32% monthly with ETFs (working less than 1 hour a week…)
  • The ONLY type of ETF you should be trading (and how it’s going to compound your returns…)
  • Why you should avoid using the “moving average” indicator like the plague (and what REALLY works instead)…
  • Why all the “expert” advice – including most financial newsletter and recommendation services – actually decimate your portfolio… delay your retirement… and the #1 way to begin netting as much as 50-75% in profit each year…

     Click Here to Register

     I’m looking forward to having you attend my live “tell all” web event where I literaly give you everything you need to get started with this proven strategy for creating a six-figure annual trading income.

     And I’d be happy to answer any questions you have as well.


     [wlm_firstname] [wlm_lastname]
     city; ?>, regionName; ?>

     Turn on Images to See The Reason I do What I do...

     P.S. Register to attend now because I can promise that you’ve never heard of this system…

     And I don’t know when I’ll be doing these web events detailing my findings again…

     By the way, this is has absolutely nothing to do with:

  • Day Trading
  • Commodities or Futures
  • Forex
  • Watching Charts 10 Hours a Day
  • …And especially not, “Buy, Hold & Pray!”

     P.P.S. Remember, I will be revealing how I discovered this simple system that has safely given me an average return of 6.32% monthly, since January 2007 (that’s over 5 years!).

     To attend one of my live web events, simply choose the best time and date that fits your schedule on this registration page.

     Simply Click Here to Register

Template #7 – More power with less effort

This is a 50/50 split test winner. The ONLY difference was the image. It received 205% more clicks and 49% more revenue than the email without the image.

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the rest of the mail afterwards. This part was from my client and wasn’t very good.

FWIW, The reason why I chose this image was because he’s reaching into the bag… What is he reaching for there? Exactly!

Oh yeah, this was part one of a five-part series. It brought in 88,836 clicks $41,108 between two segments.

For the biggest segment, the breakdown is this:

$21,840 by 68,898 clicks for first image link $7,060 by 15,801 clicks for first text link $6,649 for all other links combined

Dear [wlm_firstname]:

Here’s a new way to gain more power.

It’s slightly “off the wall”, but it works.

92,000 golfers have this “secret” to help them hit longer drives.

Click here if you want more power with less effort.

What is Martin reaching for in his bag?

Hundreds of pros on the PGA, Champions, and LPGA tours are using this. And these pros have to pay…no freebies…but they don’t mind…because it works!

One key to improving your distance is getting your most powerful muscles involved in your swing.

“How?” you ask. Answer: Improve the sequence of your swing.

“How?” you ask…the answer is a little “weird” but it works. Your friends will make fun of you at first…then ask to borrow this innovation.

Click here to discover more.

Most of the top golf teachers are using this… to help everyone from beginners to touring pros.

Click here to discover more.

To Great Golf Every Day

[wlm_firstname] [wlm_lastname] Founder and CEO Bunny Golf

P.S. Even if you’ve tried to get the “sequence” of your swing correct…and found it hard…we’ve got the answer. And once you get the sequence right, you tap into the raw power of your biggest muscles.

Check out what I’m talking about here…

P.P.S. Once you understand what’s happening, you’ll gain MORE power with LESS effort.

Click here now to gain more distance.

And one more thing…92,000 golfers are using this. And it’s been featured in Golf Digest and INC magazines.

Click here now to gain more distance.

Template #8 – 92,000 golfers are effortlessly hitting longer drives…

This is part two.

It did $23,299 from one segment, but I can’t find the data from the other. Will keep checking.

Breakdown is this:

$11,172 from 29,038 clicks by first image link $7,492 from 9,521 clicks by first text link $4,417 from 3,471 clicks by the 2nd text link

This email is a much better example of using a powerful lead and transitioning into more “juice” for those who need a little more coaxing.

I’m not sure if you saw my email yesterday about the “secret” that 92,000 golfers use for effortlessly hitting longer drives…

Here’s how they gain more power with less effort in less than 5 to 10 minutes a day….

Click here to discover their “secret”.

What is Martin Chuck Reaching for in His Bag?

In fact, here are 9 reasons you’ll want to discover this same secret for yourself.

  1. Longer drives because your timing and tempo are dramatically improved.

  2. Develop powerful “tour lag” in the wrists to create perfect timing.

  3. Generate effortless power by engaging your golf “power muscles” in your hips and core.

  4. No more “casting” or weak over-the-top moves because your wrists remain cocked.

  5. Crisp, accurate irons…it’s easier to hit the sweet spot when you have excellent tempo.

  6. An easy way to “feel” perfect tempo-even if you’ve struggled with tempo in the past.

  7. Gain valuable flexibility in the hands, arms, shoulders, hips, and legs… (which will give you even more power).

  8. No more tension in your swing which helps improve distance because you’re swinging freely.

  9. Increases club head speed by up to 10 mph which can translate to 10, 20, 30 yards…or more…

You can join the 92,000 golfers who are on the road to gaining maximum power-by getting all your body parts moving together in a powerful sequence-Today.

Click here to discover how all these golfers are effortlessly hitting longer drives…

To longer drives,

Click Here to Take Advantage of This Offer

Template #9 – This is ALWAYS in his bag…

This is part three.

Did $46,841 total for both segments.

$25,354 from 37,429 clicks by first text link $5,717 from 12,240 clicks by fist image link

Notice the difference in results from image and text link?

What’s different now? First, this was sent two months after the previous template.

Second, look at the new phrase above the call to action…

See it?

click on the link below“…

Just a coincidence? Maybe… until you look at part 4…

There’s a great reason why Martin never leaves home without this simple — yet extremely effective– device.

You might not be able to see it in the picture below, but you’ve probably seen it in a lot of Martin’s videos… possibly without even knowing it.

Your fellow RG members have been asking for it ever since it sold out in record time last month…

If you’d like the key to unlock your power and distance, click on the link below and watch Martin demonstrate how easy it is to use.

Click here to find out why it’s always in Martin’s bag…

This is always in Martins Bag - Click Here to Put It in Yours...

To better golf,

Justin Tupper CEO and Co-Founder

Template #10 – Back in Stock

This is part four.

$49,680 in total $$$ from both segments.

Breakdown for the big segment is:

$27,844 by 10,458 clicks from first text link $5,440 by 6,610 clicks from first image link

Again, notice the “click the link below” above the text link… just like in part three…

Wanted to make sure you knew we still have some more of the revolutionary Orange Whip trainers left in stock.

This won’t last long considering we sold out the last time it was offered.

In case you need a reminder, here’s what you get with the Orange Whip:

    >> Flexibility: The weight on each end of the flexible shaft provides a low-impact stretch while swinging.

    >> Strength: The Orange Whip provides a core muscle workout when used during repetitive motion drills. The wrists and forearms receive a great workout.

    >> Coordination: The Orange Whip synchronizes the arms and body while swinging repetitively. If this motion is out of sync, you lose balance and/or feel awkward.

    >> Tempo:  As the arms and body work together, a natural rhythm takes over the swing. This is how your tempo develops—always in balance with an efficient motion.

    >> The most important thing you get… You can slow down your swing and hit the ball further…just like those Australian golfers.

If you want MORE distance… with LESS effort, click the link below and get the Orange Whip before it sells out again.

Click here to get the Orange Whip before it sells out again…

For More Distance with Less Effort - Click Here
To better golf,

Justin Tupper CEO and Co-Founder

Template #11 – Perfect Tempo and Timing…

Part five was a last try.

Both segments pulled in total $$$ of $18,641.

Breadown of big segment was:

$13,390 by 22,338 clicks from first text link $327 by 1,077 clicks from first image link

How do weekend golfers and pros alike generate powerful swings?

It’s all about the tempo and timing of your swing…

Click here to develop your tempo and timing for a powerful swing…

To longer drives,

I work on my tempo and timing all the time...

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