Scott Haines Part 1

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>>> Scott Haines’ Shortcut Copywriting Secrets <<<


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Shortcut Email Copywriting Mastery Part 2 – Critique of 5 Kick Ass Emails

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2 thoughts on “Scott Haines Part 1

  1. Carl Picot

    Hi Jason and Scott…

    Whenever I write my email copy for a promotion, I always go for the benefits first and then a USP.

    Do you feel that there is anything else that I should be including that is essential? What would be your advice about structuring this information over a set of emails say for the build up to a product launch?

    Would you use the same approach if you wanted to promote an older, more established product? Thanks Carl

  2. Carl Picot

    This concept of knowing your market is one that people such as John Carlton, Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert have constantly

    reiterated… and I am trying to master

    I guess I can break the IM market down in to opportunity seekers, who buy everything but dont stick at anything long

    enough for it to work, or people that do have the ability but get lost in all the noise and pulled in different

    directions (this is the majority I think)…

    Then you can break the niches down to offline, SEO etc

    Then there’s also the next level up, who are people that have had some success and do products showing their methods…

    Much of the time though I feel like I am still guessing.

    I heard a great audio by Sean Mize who said that when he first started he did not know what his market wanted, or who they really were, until he constantly communicated with them though email – encouraging feedback. Would you have any other recommendations when it came to target market research in the IM niche and what people really want?

    thanks Carl

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