Foundation Webinar Replay

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8 thoughts on “Foundation Webinar Replay

  1. Carl Picot

    Hi Big J

    If you choose to email for a launch that is happening over several days, would you just stick to sending promo emails for that one product during the launch time, or would you ‘slot’ other product promo emails in the time frame as well ? (To the same list).

    An example would be a 2 week launch where you didn’t want to send out too many emails promoting the same product to the same list in that time period, however, wanted to make use of the time to promote other products as well.

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      Great question. Ideally, you would just focus on the one launch. If it is just a week launch, then definitely just focus on that. If it is over a couple or three weeks, you can give the list a break and promote other things.

  2. Lawton Chiles

    Hey Big J. I don’t really know how to track very well in my emails.

    •Long vs short
    •Which links turned into the most sales

    any advice?

  3. Frances Thorsen

    I have a lot of small list segments. What is the best idea when I broadcast to the whole list?

    Some of my subscribers appear on several lists.

    Should I scrub the list so they appear on only one list?

    1. Big Rabbit Post author

      hey frances.

      it depends on your autoresponder service. they should only email them once in the same broadcast.

      I wouldn’t scrub them unless it is costing you a lof of money having them on multiple lists.

      As far as a broadcast to the whole list, it depends on what those segments are. if they are tightly related to the offer, then maybe “yes”…

      But then again, maybe “no”…

      Again, if some segments respond differently than others, you don’t want them screwing up your stats.

      For instance, I “hardly” ever mail my main email response warrior gold members ($297) like I do my frontend product customers of email response warrior ($97).

      They are miles apart in response. Make sense?

      So all I do is mail gold members, and then copy that email, change part of the name from ERW Gold to ERW Standard, change the link in one spot from ?source=erw+gold to ?source=erw and hit “send”

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