Dial An Email Marketing Hero Group Coaching Thanks

Here’s what you need to do right now:

  • Step #1 – Add me on Skype @ bigmarketing
  • Step #2 – Go to your inbox and look for your Paypal receipt. See that amount? ($100 every 30 days).  Start envisioning zero after zero being added to that amount for your return on investment…
  • Step #3 – Add my email address, bigjason@emaildominion.com, to your email program’s contact list, safe sender’s list or whatever it has to make sure you can receive my emails.
  • Step #4 – Please use the comment form below and tell me why you signed up for my coaching.

Looking forward to getting started,
Big Jason

My Sweet Niece Monika
My sweet, niece Monika!

 Please tell me why you joined my coaching program in the comments field below!

4 thoughts on “Dial An Email Marketing Hero Group Coaching Thanks

  1. Ken Hoofard

    Hey Jason,

    Back again.

    I joined this coaching program to of course increase my email performance and landing page conversions. My goal with my primary company is to be the #1 recruiter. We are going global this year and I want to build as big a net as possible here in the U.S. before we launch.

    My list is comprised of opportunity seekers from the last 12 – 14 months. I will be driving them to a landing page that will register them for a webinar to see more information about our company and opportunity. I use Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen system for automated webinars. I also will use WebinarJam on occasion although I’m not sure I like Google Hangouts all that much.

    I know this is not a product play per se, but I hope you can help. I’ve very much enjoyed your style and look forward to another beneficial relationship.

    Is ERW Gold still alive and well or does this take it’s place?

    Also, please use ken@hoofard.com for everything. My PayPal address is different and I don’t use it for anything other than purchases.



  2. Carl Picot

    I joined as Jason has been an awesome teacher ever since I was lucky enough to have attended one of his trainings in 2012.
    Jason has never failed to provide awesome information that has helped me improve my composition and also my click through rates and sales and feel more confident about what I am doing generally 🙂

    Looking forward to this


  3. Christopher Dittemore

    I joined because I love MecLabs training and I just haven’t found the time to go through it all. And Jason knows email, landing pages, value propositions, and testing/tracking properly. All things that I value.

  4. Ian

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