Affiliate Email Promo Series Blueprint Thanks

Here’s what you need to do right now:

  • Step #1 – Add me on Skype @ bigmarketing
  • Step #2 – Go to your inbox and look for your Paypal receipt. See that amount? Start envisioning zero after zero being added to that amount for your return on investment…
  • Step #3 – Add my email address,, to your email program’s contact list, safe sender’s list or whatever it has to make sure you can receive my emails.
  • Step #4 – Please use the comment form below and tell me and your fellow students why you signed up for my program.
  • Step #5 – Join the private Affiliate Email Warrior Facebook group by clicking the “Join Group” button.
  • Step #6 – Join the private Affiliate Email Warrior Skype group by clicking this link. (Note: This is primarily so I can let you know about webinars, updates, etc.)
  • Step #7 – Be on the lookout for a registration link for our first webinar training on Tuesday, July 8th @ 2pm Pacific.
  • Step #8 – Register using the form below. (Note: Be sure to use your full name — i.e. Jason Henderson — and the email used on my list already). It will open in a new window.

Looking forward to getting started,
Big Jason

My Sweet Niece Monika

 Please tell me why you joined Affiliate Email Warrior in the comments field below!

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Email Promo Series Blueprint Thanks

  1. Carl Picot

    I feel that my emails have improved 1000% since working with you and feel much more confident in what I’m doing.

    I feel that affiliate side is something that I could be doing better on – I have joined a couple of high end PLR groups so I can provide bonuses – however time makes it difficult to search through stuff and alter it so its not just PLR. Also deducing what the customer wants and needs so that I target the right product to the right people in the right frequency of emails.

    It really about giving the customer the best deal and buying experience so that they want to come back again as you’ve engaged them so highly and put them first – rather than flogged them something to make money.

    cheers Carl

  2. Henry

    I have my own product and still need to write a email sequence for it. I guess this will be useful for that purpose and I might want to write an affiliate sequence for my coming affiliates later.


  3. jen

    I joined this as I wanted to improve my affiliate sales conversion through email marketing…thanks for this Jason.


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