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2 thoughts on “Member Dashboard – Email Response Warrior

  1. Susan Laird

    Because Clayton Makepeace is my friend and mentor. If he recommends that I take an action, I take the recommended action.

    It is my goal to become a well-paid financial copywriter. I have 30+ years of marketing writing and newspaper/magazine writing and editing under my belt.

    I want to gain a reputation for writing profitable emails…not just profitable sales copy in traditional media! 🙂

  2. Russ Emrick

    Because I need to be effective with email. I believe you’re a subject expert and am looking forward to learning how to improve my emails. I’m a salesperson and find that email is the the primary way to contact people. Gatekeepers and voice mail has destroyed cold calling. If I don’t get great at email I won’t end up being a very successful salesperson.

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